Saturday, August 16, 2008

Passing Time

A popular way for us to pass time while working in the gulf is grocery day. Grocery Day? you might ask. Yes Grocery Day. The reason that you are thinking though does pass time but is not nearly as fun as what we do. So for those of you that don't know Groceries arrive on a boat in a large container that has to be kept cold, how? you might ask Dry Ice. I know the wheels are turning in your heads now. And you should have seen how happy I was when I realized that there was dry ice in these containers. So after the work of carrying the groceries up stairs we all go for the dry ice. Now if you have never made a dry ice bomb it is really simple take a bottle with a screw on lid( larger the bottle seems to make a bigger boom, but a small orange juice container works pretty good too. Heavier the plastic = more boom ) and put some dry ice in it, I find more the better. Then put some water in the bottle, and squeeze the bottle slightly(to give you a little extra time before it blows) and put the cap on it. Then get rid of it. Being offshore we like to throw them in the water. They can take anywhere from 10 seconds up to 5 minutes. just don't touch it after you've put the lid on and tossed it because any movement of the bottle is liable to set it off. Now that you know how to make them let me tell you some fun things to do with them. This has personally been tested by me and are sure to get results, not always the results that you may want but results none the less.
1. Build your dry ice bomb while the night crew is deep asleep. Put the lid on just before you open the door to the sleeping quarters. Now slide the your bottle into the room, preferably under a bed ,so no one gets hit with shrapnel, and gently close the door. The just wait outside the door preferably with a crowd (so you can push the blame off on somebody else) and wait for the show to start. If you have done everything right the show will start with an explosion and some profanity.
Now go out and and have fun, but be careful.

Check back frequently for new Dry Ice Bomb suggestions and some Videos.

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Anonymous said...

I love it, wish i could do it here at my work under a desk!