Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Time to hang it up

Sometimes you need to realize that it is time to retire. Day two offshore this hitch and our company man I will call him Oompa , who we only deal with for 4 days then our regular one comes out, is running around slamming doors and complaining, again. Let me paint a picture for you. Picture a man 70 years old and shaped like a pear. Got it?, but this isn't like yours or my grandpa, he is a man that doesn't enjoy his job anymore, and who would after 50 years. He has said money is not an issue, so why keep coming back month after month if you hate it so? Now picture this the heliport is 75 or so stairs to the top and guess who is always first, on the stairs holding everybody up and complaining? You got it the Pear. Lets back up a little bit. Coil tubing was out a couple of weeks a go and one day after he got here he decided they were not getting anything done and sent them in. It took them 2 days to rig up originally and now they had to rig their equipment down and load it on the boat and go, which would be fine except we need them to finish the job. So when we finally get them or another company out then we have all that lost time. Again. Glad i am not footing the bill. So today he is ranting and raving about people being late to the heliport, which it ended up not mattering cause they sent two flights. And just now he started ranting about needing a crane operator. Now some things are not a big deal but saftey is, so when you have a tropical storm or hurricane that is projected to smash directly into you then you should evacuate. Oompa did not want to evacuate and it took someone else to force the evacuation. A few people did stay on and yes the Tropical storm directly hit the platform with 25-30 foot waves. So must I say something or will he figure it out that it is offically time to hang it up and enjoy your crabby retirement.

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